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At Triello Cyber Security Solutions, we offer a variety of innovative cyber security solutions suitable for various industries, and for companies of all sizes. We believe in long-term partnerships, and our services are designed around the specific needs of our clients. We work hard - so our clients can sleep at night, knowing that their cyber security needs are being addressed.

Triello Cyber Security Solutions is owned and operated by Michael Sottile.  Michael has worked in Cyber Security for over 20 years, securing financial services companies, banks, defense contractors, small businesses, bio-pharmaceutical companies, universities, and software development companies against global threats - both big and small.  He believes no one solution is right for everyone.  Just as every company is unique, so are their security needs.  He has seen companies vastly overspend and get far too little, and overspend and get far more security than what's necessary to get the job done right.   We believe security and risk are a balancing act - you need just the right amount to keep your business running efficiently and securely.

Michael enjoys working collaboratively with his clients and partners, and works hard to ensure the job is done right.  He takes great pride in customizing a security program appropriate for his clients.

Michael lives in Cincinnati, OH, with his family.  He is actively involved in his community and also sits as the Governance Chair on the Board of Directors for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati.  A meaningful percentage of the profits from Triello Cyber Security Solutions are donated each year to the DSAGC, whose mission is to empower individuals, educate families, enhance communities and together, celebrate the extraordinary lives of people with Down syndrome.


We’re Committed to Your Security

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Michael Sottile


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